Manu fights against the Gloom for Atlantis. As the general’s son, he carries the weight of a thousand expectations on his shoulders. When a priest of the ocean goddess divines their princess survived the ambush that killed her parents, no one but Manu is more qualified to retrieve her.

Two decades after she was found on a beach, Kailani has dedicated her life to ocean conservation. Her early childhood may be a mystery, but discovering she's a lost princess sounds like a lunatic’s fairy tale. She’d rather stay on the surface.

The attraction between them is instant and powerful, but she was born to lead and he was bred for battle. If either world is to survive the war ahead, Kailani must fulfill her destiny and become the queen Atlantis needs before evil plunges the entire kingdom into everlasting darkness.

Return to Atlantis is an adult romance. Profanity and adult situations make this unsuitable for clean readers.