Not all that glitters is gold.

When Rosalia is hired to steal a mysterious artifact from the city’s sexiest clockwork mechanic, she barely escapes with her life. What kind of inventor keeps a fire-breathing dragon in his basement, and why does it have eerily familiar green eyes?

Xavier Bane is the last weredragon of the west. He spends his days creating clockwork masterpieces in his shop and his nights slumbering beneath it in his secret hoard. Then comes a girl with the power to provide everything he needs, with a soul brighter than gold.

Saving Rosalia is key to the survival of his race... if he can reach her before the forces seeking the artifact.

A Daughter of Fortune is a slow-burn, new adult fantasy romance, which means there is swearing, sexual innuendo, steaminess, and eventually The Real Good Stuff that'll make you want to fan yourself and bathe in a bucket of ice cubes. I warned y'all.